ACASF : Association Caravan Art Without Borders

Our Objectives:

  The Association arises as main objective :
meet the social needs of the region of Errachidia. To do this, sees art as experience, helping to expand the field of artistic, mistaking the life and thereby improving human experiences. So our specific objectives are defined:

- To know, understand, appreciate and respect the main artistic manifestations in the region of Errachidia, and the most important elements of the cultural heritage in general, developing values and expressive, aesthetic and cooperative behaviors.

- Harnessing the art as a resource for children enjoy creating, express their feelings, observe their environment with sensitivity, develop flexible minds and believe in themselves and their possibilities.

- Educate in moral values of equality, cooperation, effort, improvement, dialogue, solidarity, commitment, etc. in order to promote a just society that fights for human rights.

- Raising awareness of the importance of participation in volunteer projects as a form of solidarity and cultural tourism.

- Collaborate with people from different cultures in a climate of tolerance, respect and brotherhood, creating a space for cultural exchange and enrichment involving appreciating the artistic expressions of other communities, other peoples and other cultures.

- Share development projects with other national and international organizations and government agencies that share our goals.