ACASF : Association Caravan Art Without Borders

Location and Culture

Errachidia is located in the south -eastern Morocco . The climate of this region is very cold in winter (0 ° C - 6 ° C) and it is very hot in summer ( 35 º C - 40 º C).
The province of Errachidia have one of the largest oasis in Africa " oasis of Ziz ." It has the largest production of dates in Morocco because in this area there are more than 2 million palm trees in the middle of this oasis , there is the Ziz Valley . Errachidia has 400,000 people , they live in different provinces as " Goulmina , Erfoud, Rissani Assoul , Imilchil , Rich and Merzouga. " Most Moroccans are Arabs and Amazigh . The official language of Morocco is Arabic, but many people also speak amazigh and French also as a first foreign language because Morocco was a protectorate (a type of colony) of France.
Morocco's currency is called the Dirham ( MAD). " 1 Euro is about 11 dirhams. " The lifestyle in Errachidia as in other Moroccan cities . For example, you can see some differences About how to dress .
Most people here have their own traditions and you have to respect them. One of these traditions is to remove your shoes when entering a house. An invitation to their home is the best way to try their food. As a sign of hospitality, Moroccan food is considered as one of the most delicious food in the world. Most foods should be eaten with the right hand and if you are invited , you should accept to eat with the right hand .
If you want to visit a mosque, you should know that you will not be allowed to enter , because it is forbidden to non-Muslims . Due to cultural differences , you must ask for permission before you take a picture of a person on the street.