ACASF : Association Caravan Art Without Borders

The animation project

  The animation project is an educational program is to organize recreational and educational for children in the region of Errachidia activities. It is a task of great importance for the future of the smaller, for supplies some of its major shortcomings and prevents school are in that awful crime and marginalization which sometimes turns out to be the street.

The main objective is therefore to try these children can grow, like many children in other parts of the world, enjoying activities such as theater, cinema, reading, dancing, sports, painting or playing ; learning and fun together hand in hand.

-  Intervention with children will always be stimulating, emotional and affectionate, considering that each child is an individual with different tastes and attitudes. Social inclusion, collaborative work and improved social relations and respect for other cultures and ways of life will be pursued, given that the game strengthens the bond between the people involved.